Day: September 21, 2020

Allen-Bradley drives

20DC820N0ENNBNANE PowerFlex 700S 400V 3Ph 820A 450Kw Ip00

20DC820N0ENNBNANE – PowerFlex700S AC Drive, 400 VAC, 3 PH, 820 Amps, 450kW Normal Duty, 400kW Heavy Duty, IP00 / Open Type, with conformal coating, No HIM (Blank Plate), No Brake IGBT, Without Drive Mounted Brake Resistor, Common Mode Choke Removed, Second Environment Filter per CE EMC directive (89/336/EEC), No Communication Module, Phase II control, Expanded cassette, No Feedback, Phase II, No DriveLogix, no embedded comm 

Allen-Bradley drives

AB PowerFlex 400 Inverters 22C-D260A103 132kw 260A 3AC 480VAC

22C-D260A103 PowerFlex 400 AC Drive,132 kW (200 HP),480V AC Input,3 PH,50-60 Hz,260 A Output,IP30,UL-NEMA Type 1,Panel Mounting,With PID,PIP Algorithm AndFireSystem Tie,In, Frame G, 0.98 PF,Integral Keypad And Led Display, RS485, Fixed Terminal Block Connections.